Yağmur Deri | The Age of Fashion since 1934


Yağmur Deri, historically has a strong production culture in the leather industry, 400 years of a family profession vwas established in 1934 in Karacasu district of Aydın with its solid foundations. We are proud of the production with the confidence of being a family company that has been going on for years.

Yagmur Leather with its experience and knowledge of many years, without compromising on quality, offers a wide range of leather options for footwear and clothing industry raw materials. Offering the most suitable products and services according to the needs and expectations, Yağmur Deri has become an industry leader with its roots in the leather industry for centuries.

With its professional management and production team, it has become one of the most preferred companies by meeting the leather demands and expectations of the footwear and clothing sector at the highest level in our factories where the latest technologies are used. Increasing production capacity and improving the quality consistently, applying the successful design and fashion work, Turkey has proven itself as a successful brand in the leather industry.

It has created a strong image for its brand with the leather production it has realized by blending traditional production culture and innovative production system with various R & D and innovation works.

Rain moving with environmental consciousness leather, using environmentally friendly chemicals to prevent pollution in the production it carried out its duties and has been successful and has adopted a pioneering company in Turkey in this field.

85 Years Experience

With its experience of nearly a century, it has proven itself in the sector with its leathers processed without sacrificing quality.

Product variety

It offers a wide range of products to meet all the needs and expectations of the footwear and clothing industry.

R & D-Innovation

It has developed an innovative production philosophy by supporting the experience of traditional production culture with R & D and innovation works.